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Dr Michael Grendan

Dr Michael Grendan has over 20 years experience as a sexual health medical practitioner.

Dr Grendan has specific expertise in male sexual dysfunction. He is a Fellow of the College of General Practitioners and is an affiliate member of American Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM).

He has participated on a number of national men’s health advisory boards and is also involved in various international sexual health medical summit meetings.

Dr Grendan presents at national and international medical conferences and is regularly sought out to be interviewed by the media as an expert on male sexual health problems.

His work on clinical research projects has seen him publish clinical papers in various international medical journals. He has co-authored Guidelines for Clinical Practice in Sexual Health.

Dr Grendan received his medical degree from the University of Chicago Medical School in 1993. He continues to support medical education in Chicago by teaching men’s health to senior General Practice training registrars.