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Review Where to Buy your ED Pills Online

Online is cheaper

Most Australian men would agree that they are paying far too much for ED medications across the counter. Thankfully you can purchase generic versions of the same medications online, for less than half the price of brand name pills. Unlike in Europe, where many countries do not allow the importation of generic ED medications, the Australian government allows the importation of generic erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra or Cialis for personal use. Even our neighbours in New Zealand are prohibited from importing ED pills into their country, forcing Kiwis to pay high prices for brand name medications.

Who to Choose

When choosing where to purchase your performance enhancing pills from online, you may want to try these useful hints to avoid disappointment. The best place to start is by emailing the website you like the look of and ask them a question relating to their products. Their answer should tell you a lot about them and the way they run their business. Did you receive a reply promptly or did you have to wait several days? Was the reply you received helpful and was it written in broken or fluent English? It is important that you only part with your credit card information when you feel confident that you can trust the site.


Next, check the shipping charges. It is common practice for ED selling websites to keep the price of their pills low and then charge inflated prices for the shipping when it comes to payment. Remember, if you choose to have your generic ED medications imported into Australia, it is important to choose a shipping option that you can track to delivery. If you choose a cheaper, no tracking option, then you may end up waiting for an order that never arrives. In that situation it may be difficult for you to prove that you have not received your order.

Warning about Large Quantities

Another underhand method some websites use, is to make the price of pills look cheaper by offering them in large quantities. Some websites will offer huge discounts for orders of up to 360 pills. However, the problem is that the TGA regulations in Australia only allow a person to import up to 90 pills into the country. Australian Border Force now oversees all customs into Oz and they will seize any orders that are over the legal limit. Not only will your large order be confiscated, you will also receive a letter from the government, threatening you with prosecution if you attempt to import more large orders of pills into the country.

Paying for your order

Remember, your credit card provider guarantees every online transaction you make but having your card compromised and re-issued is a massive inconvenience. To avoid unnecessary risk, make sure you observe your browser at the checkout page during the payment process, to ensure that you stay on the same website during the payment process. If you are redirected to a different website for payment, you may forget who you ordered from and therefore who you should contact if anything goes wrong with your order. The best advice of all is to buy your pills from a website that is Australian owned and managed.

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