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Using Bitcoin to purchase ED medication in Australia

While Bitcoin is considered to be a risky speculative investment at best, Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular as a payment method these days due to the ease of its use online to buy all manner of things in a discreet way. This particularly applies to sensitive personal items such as Viagra and similar erectile dysfunction medications.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin To Buy Viagra Online

Bitcoin offers greater privacy and discretion when buying ED meds

Particularly applicable in sexual matters where many men do not want their significant other to discover what is really giving them the edge in the bedroom. Using traditional payment methods such as credit card or direct bank transfer may leave payment evidence that could cause some unwanted explaining.

Speed of payment for your Viagra purchase

Bitcoin is a fast payment. Usually Bitcoin transactions take 5 minutes to 1 hour to complete but can take up to 24 hours if priority speed is not selected for the transaction.

How do I get Bitcoin to pay for Viagra

First you need to join an exchange because that is how to buy your Bitcoin. In Australia we have many Bitcoin exchanges you can use. Some examples are:

All exchanges have a “wallet” which is where you keep your Bitcoins when you have purchased them and where you pay from when you want to spend the Bitcoins.

How do I join an exchange?

Opening an account in a Bitcoin exchange is somewhat like opening a bank account, the exchange will need to verify your identity first – usually by asking you to upload your photo ID.

Once you have been approved for an account, you are ready to purchase Bitcoin through your exchange. You can use your online bank account to pay for your Bitcoin by BPAY, or for complete discretion, some exchanges accept cash through Australian newsagents and other outlets close to you via Blueshyft.

How to pay for Viagra using Bitcoin

Mobile App: If you use the mobile wallet app from your exchange, most Bitcoin payment request emails will have a button which you touch to “open in app”. Once the transaction appears in the app, you first need to check that you have enough Bitcoin for the transaction including the transaction fee. You can then confirm the amount and proceed with the payment.

Desktop App: If you are using the desktop wallet app from your exchange, then select the “send payment” section of your wallet. You may need to copy-paste the Bitcoin payment address from the payment request into the wallet as well as the amount in BTC. Many payment request emails have a “copy” button next to the payment address and another “copy” button next to the payment amount in Bitcoin to make the copying process even easier. All you do is touch the copy button, go to the wallet screen and touch again.

Alternatively, if you have both desktop and mobile apps, you can use your smartphone camera to scan the barcode on the payment request email.

If you already have Bitcoin for your ED meds purchase

Those who have already discovered the privacy, discretion and convenience of using Bitcoin do not need to be convinced to use this payment method. Whether you are looking to use Bitcoin to purchase generic Viagra, generic Cialis or if you suffer from premature ejaculation and want to try generic Priligy but need to ensure discretion, then Bitcoin is your best option. You may notice that we have added Bitcoin as payment method to Ozpills. After all these years in business, we understand the needs of men who do not want to advertise their private purchases to others by leaving a trail via their card statement or bank statement.

About the Author

has over 20 years experience as a sexual health medical practitioner and has specific expertise in male sexual dysfunction.